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Hani Mojtahedy is a well-known Kurdish artist from Sanandaj, a small city in the Iranian province Kordestân. Mojtahedy studied traditional Persian music after which her professional singing career started in 2000. 


  Despite the obstacles imposed by religious laws in Iran, Mojtahedy tried to live her life the way she wanted and gave several concerts, limited in number and for solely female audiences. She recognized that the lack of artistic and personal freedom was preventing her from truly being able to express herself and moved to Berlin in 2004. 


  Ever since, she has brought out two albums, more than twenty singles, and several music videos. Moreover, she has performed in TV shows, concerts and festivals all over the world with a mix of traditional and original repertoire in which she brings together traditional Persian vocals and Kurdish lyrics. 


  Mojtahedy collaborated with rock musicians, traditional instrumentalists and even worked with the Czech National Symphony Orchestra for the Kurdish symphony “Peshmerga” composed by Dilshad Said. Nevertheless, she has not forgotten her roots and regularly participates in projects to support the people of Kurdistan.


   In 2016 she visited and sang at Kurdish refugee camps on the border between Syria and Turkey and in 2017 she gave concerts in Sweden and Germany to raise money for the victims of an earthquake on the Iran-Iraq border.


  In 2018 she participated in various projects with Bundesjugendballet, several concerts with Babylon band in Berlin and now she is preparing to perform in  “Deutsche Oper Berlin” at the Beginning of 2019.


Also this year, the “Middle East Sustainable Peace Organization”(MESPO) chose Hani as “symbol of peace in the middle east” during the “Kurdistan International Peace Carnival” in which she performed a great concert in Sulaimaniah with the companion of international musicians. 


Mojtahedy has developed herself into a household name in Kurdistan and a rising star in the world music scene

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